A Private Social Club

For performers, patrons, and producers of the arts.

Meet Jeff & Jennifer Bowers.


Once upon a time, Jeff worked as a professional sound engineer for many international performing artists, like: Metallica, Triple 6 Mafia, Travis Tritt, and Judas Priest, among others. Now, he's an old fashioned Dad and he works as a consultant in the construction industry... by day. His love of live music (and a real good time) keeps him working in the music industry, in support of various local events and artists, by night.


Jennifer founded the Fort Collins, Colorado music project, Soul Revival, and believes in the power of the open door. As a singer herself and someone who works with musicians and performers every day, in a variety of capacities, she is committed to providing opportunity as well as fair pay for both fresh faces and seasoned talents.  

For the past eight years, Jeff and Jennifer have had a first row seat to all that Northern Colorado entertainment has to offer. From our world class venues and festivals to our endless stream of talented performers and dedicated creative professionals - Northern Colorado is already a mecca for the performing arts. But,  Jeff & Jen felt something was missing from their experience. There was a need still being unmet.

Together, they identified a gap that they were perfectly suited to fill... a private membership of performers, patrons, and producers working to create a vibrant and varied entertainment culture in Northern Colorado that supports artistic careers for performers of all persuasions.


Our first mission is to create paid opportunities for performers through member funded weekly social engagements in venues all over Northern Colorado. We invite you to become part of the movement, whether you are a performer, producer, or a patron of the arts! Pro Hint: everyone on Earth is one of those three things. Click below.